No calls, No Emails


I spent the entire last 9 days on vacation. It was a sun loving, beach going, pool swimming, family time spending, creatively soaping, blissful time! No calls, no emails, no texts. Ahhhhhh… It was very much needed after the first 6 months of this year drained me mentally. My mom even took all of us to the UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) Navy Seal museum which is just up the road from her beach condo.  My husband and I had last visited the museum while on our honeymoon and spent hours looking at and reading everything. I got some really cute pictures of the kids on or in various Navy equipment.  Our middle child, Kyle, was in heaven. He is the one who aspires to be a marine one day. Probably due to so much exposure to the tv show NCIS from myself and his papa. 🙂

While I had planned to soap up a storm on the cold process soapy front, I ended up not making a single CP recipe. However, I did manage to make lots of really cool melt & pour soaps, along with trying a new item out, soapy sugar scrubs!! Oh the joy and wonders of sugar + mp soap + some oil and fragrance!  I was in exfoliation heaven and cannot wait to make another batch! I will post the recipe when I am able to post pics of my heavenly sugar scrubby cubes. Until then, here’s a pic of my aspiring marine.

Love & Bubbles,