Curing, Selling and Testing?!!



I have a full-time day job. That pays the bills. But my passion is soaping.  So as a way to remind me of all the good stuff in life over and above the 9 to 5 grind, I bring a slice of each new soap to my office as soon as it is cut and on the curing rack. It is starting to stack up these days and I really need to find a better way to display my soaps for my own enjoyment. I’m not complaining though. It makes me happy to look over and see my beautiful creations sitting there.

I finally realized that unless I started selling my soaps, I would have them taking over the house soon!  So, to that end, I  have opened my own online store! You can find it at:

I also now have a Facebook page just for SoapyStarfish! Drop by and check it out:

Wish me luck as I start my own business doing something I absolutely love! !

My favorite supplier of all things soapy, Bramble Berry, is actually running a contest to pick their new  S.O.A.P panelists.  The winners will each have a box of 8 secret fragrance oils sent to them to review and give options on. Personally I would LOVE to be chosen because I would like to try them in both cold process soaps as well as some melt and pour projects or maybe some new body butters or lotion bars! Oh, the possibilities are endless!!

If I had to choose just one item as my favorite from Bramble Berry, it would have to be their Coconut Citrus Sorbet fragrance oil, or Pina Colada as I call it! I made body butter for myself, my neice and a coworker and the stuff smells so good it makes you want to put a straw in it and slurp! 🙂  Wish me luck on getting picked for the S.O.A.P. panel!

Love & Bubbles,
(aka SoapyStarfish)