‘Twas the Night Before Secret S.O.A.P.ing and all through the house….


There was great anticipation and SQUEEEEELS of delight!

I found out last week that I was chosen to be a panelist on Bramble Berry‘s Secret S.O.A.P. panel!!!! I posted all over Facebook the day I found out but am just now getting around to posting on my blog. Words cannot say how excited I am that they picked little ole ME out of all the applicants for this special group!! I checked on my super secret scents package tonight. I have resisted the urge to check on it sooner because the more I check, the more impatient I get. So tonight I hopped on and low and behold, my package arrived safe and sound into Orlando this afternoon!! Somebody’s gettin’ soapy tomorrow night!! The first thing I am doing after I give each bottle a good sniff is to test them all in a CP soap recipe. When I do that I am checking to see how the scent holds up through the process of saponification, how the color does or does not morph, and how the fragrance oil behaves while soaping with it. I believe that I only get 1 ounce of each scent to play with so I have to use it carefully in order to get to do everything I want.

So tonight I am gathering my information and getting things setup to do some soaping tomorrow night! I will post pics and my initial review of the scents after that. In he meantime, I will leave you with a cute picture of my daughter, Emma next to our Bramble Berry tower of colors! And we have more colors ordered and on the way!

BB Tower of Colors 9-17-14

My personal favorite is Merlot Sparkle Mica! So many colors and so little time these days. 🙂

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