S.O.A.P.Y 1st Impressions


As expected, I came home to my favorite cardboard box on the planet! The Bramble Berry box. 🙂 Inside were 8 little bottles of amazing super secret scents for me to try to identify and test out in things I make.


First step, Open all the bottles and take a sniff, or two, or three….. So I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing and here are my 1st impressions:

#1 – Buttery popcorn was the 1st thing I smelled. 2nd whiff made me think of buttery popcorn with a caramel drizzle. And wait, what is that? a 3rd sniff detected a faint smell of something sweet and fruity, almost like Trix cereal. Silly Rabbit… Strange for sure, but I still kept smelling it every time I passed by the bottle last night.

#2 – Fresh & Clean. Oddly it was cool and warming at the same time with a crisp clean woods smell and a slight warm spice undertone. Hard to describe, but I like this. It is masculine, in a Irish Spring kind of way, but not too masculine to keep me from using soap that smelled like this. The guys in the house would like this scent.

#3 – Roses. And Lemon furniture polish. Not too keen on this one. So far it is my least favorite. But then again I am not a big floral scent person so that could be why.

#4 – Cherries! Sweet, Juicy and blended with another more ripe fruit undertone. Nice.

#5 – Ok, Its possible I am a bit partial to this one… Smokey sensual sandalwood beautifully blended with patchouli, but not in an offensive let’s go hop in the VW Bug and take a ride to the 60’s kinda way. This scent is just groovy baby….. ahhhhhhh… No.5 be a good little scent and behave so everyone will love you and I can buy you in BIG BIG bottles from Bramble Berry soon!!


Where was I ? Oh yes, on to the next scent…

#6 – Woody? Cedar? Yes! Like walking down the Lumber isle at the local Lowe’s or Home Depot store. Or even that yummy smell when you first open the bag of sealed cedar woods chips for your hamster’s cage. I like that its not in your face woodsy. It is nice and I think it would blend well with other scents to make something really amazing, but would also be really nice all by itself. I hope it survives saponification.

#7 – Fruity. Ripe peaches, nectarines, plus a sweet soft floral. There is definitely a slightly overripe scent thrown in there, sort of like papaya or guava. But together they all blend well. I really do not like florals, but this one isn’t strong enough to bother my sensitive nose.

#8 – Eureka! Super JUICY fruit!! Mouth Watering plums, peaches, tangerine burst of citrus, nectarines, and cherries. Like a lovely and juicy fruit salad!! Its making me hungry. Speaking of which, time to go sniff the caramel drizzled popcorn #1 again!…

So of course after I sniffed them all it was time to get busy soaping if I was going to have them cured by the time the survey was to be done! I measured exactly .20 oz of each FO into separate (and labeled) jars, set out 8 little cups (also labeled). Next up, making the soap batter! After making up the batter, I poured 4 ounces into each labeled cup and one by one I added the FO and poured it into the Bramble Berry Silicone 12 bar square mold (LOVE this mold!), which was of course also labeled! I am nothing if not organized. 🙂

Here they are as wet and freshly poured soap:


#1 Immediately turned a deep pink, almost burgundy color.  While #4 turned a beautiful citrus yellow. #7 turned to a lighter buttery yellow color. #2 became a medium tan color while #3 & #5 behaved well enough and only slightly turned a light tan color.#6 & #8 stayed true to their color and did not seem to change at all.

And here they are again after 24 hours:

IMG_4754 (2)

The #1 really pink soap has lightened to a very pale but still pink color. The very yellow #4 has mellowed as well but is still yellow with an orange hue now.

I am off for the weekend to soak up some sun on the beach with the hubby & kiddos and enjoy a belated birthday celebration for my oldest and youngest who share the same birthday of September 14. I will unmold the soaps when we get back. Until then, enjoy your weekend!!

Love & Bubbles,

Tammy (aka Soapy Starfish)


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