Confessions of a Soapy Addict…


I admit it. I am completely 100 million percent addicted to all things soapy. I often fall asleep thinking about new soap designs, and color or fragrance combinations. Last night as I was trying to get some work done on my laptop, my husband was playing Assassins Creed Black Flag on the TV. I started sketching a picture of a new soap that I have been rattling around in my head. Watching the ships on his pirating game was a great way for me to bring those ideas to life and figure out how in the world to begin to design a somewhat complex design that has until now only been in my head. That is what happens when you live and breathe soaping.

Another prime example is tonight’s trip to Dollar Tree. I love Dollar Tree because everything is actually only $1. Most dollar stores only have a few items for a buck and the rest is well over that. Not Dollar Tree baby they are $1 for everything and sometimes things are less than that! Tonight I had to stop in to get some green tea for a new recipe I am getting ready to make from my soaping idol’s new book, Soap Crafting by Anne-Marie Faiola of Bramble Berry aka the Soap Queen! I am a member of a three month subscription to the Soap Crafting Club, a genius marketing plan where Bramble Berry sends you one mold at the beginning of the three month period that you will use for each of the three months of the club. Each month you are sent pre-measured ingredients to make one of the recipes in her Soap Crafting book. See? I told you it was genius marketing. Whoever came up with that idea deserves a big raise! The Soap Crafting Club subscriptions have gone on for the last year and we are all waiting with our breath held on news of a new 3 month subscription. The only thing keeping us from really losing it, is the November launching of a new Bramble Berry company called Handmade Beauty Box: DIY Delivered. Yet another ingenious idea where each month you get a new DIY bath or beauty project. Here’s the kicker, you don’t know what the new project will be until you get it! How exciting is that?!! Its like Christmas morning every month!

Getting back to my original point, my example tonight is what happened when I went to go get one simple thing, green tea at the Dollar Tree. This, is what I came home with:

Two types of plastic serving trays because my soap at the office is taking over my desk and I wanted to display it where people can sniff at their leisure. Plus then it won’t be stacked to the roof on top of my rolodex (yes, I actually have one, laugh if you must but I don’t have to worry about a virus wiping out all my numbers or my phone being dropped into coffee or being stolen!)

Soaps on trays at work 10-3-14

See? $2 and they are nicely displayed so everyone can sniff them when they come see me!

A set of salt & pepper shakers for sprinkling glitter on new soaps. I realized I really needed this after my daughter and I both got glitter everywhere last weekend just trying to sprinkle it on one soap loaf, lol.

My very own soapy scissors! Not for the kitchen, not for the kids. MINE all MINE! For soapy purposes only. 🙂

A 4 pack of 2 cup plastic bowls with lids: For measuring out the lye. Sometimes I want to measure out more than one batch at a time so I can have more than one pitcher of lye water cooling at the same time and I wanted bowls with lids that were not too big but were big enough to hold my typical amount of lye for a single batch.

New scruby brush just for soaping because I normally just use a paper towel but would prefer to use a brush instead and I don’t share soapy utensils with the kitchen. it even has a scraper on it!!

Two new double sided (and RED to match my kitchen!) Betty Crocker spatulas: These are nice and sturdy and you can pull off both ends for better cleaning. Plus one side is smaller than the other so I can get into the smaller places when needed.

3 two spoon sets of stainless steel spoons. After testing all of the Bramble Berry fragrances recently, I realized that I REALLY need to invest in lots of soapy spoons.

Plastic 2 cup measuring cup. I want to be able to make some tiny 1 lb batches in my favorite 1lb silicone mold from Bramble Berry and I needed something small enough to be able to use the stick blender without making a mess.

8-pack of AA batteries because I just got a 2nd mini mixer (if you don’t have one, get it! Seriously its only $5 and worth a lot more) in my Bramble Berry delivery this week and those kids of mine seem to swipe all of the batteries for their electronics. So my cheapy dollar store batteries are just for soaping and will be well hidden. muhahahahaha…

And of course, the green tea for my soapy project!

Here is my wonderful soapy haul:


Check in soon to see how my S.O.A.P.y scents are doing in the melt & pour testing!

Love & Bubbles,

Tammy Lindsey aka Soapy Starfish

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What a difference a week can make… S.O.A.P. update 1 week later


I was not surprised last weekend when I unmolded all of my new soaps I made and scented with the Bramble Berry S.O.A.P. panel secret scents and realized some were discolored. Just from smelling them I could tell that some contained enough vanilla to cause a color change. At 8 Days old I took the following picture of all of the soaps and recorded the following notes on how the scents have changed.

IMG_4837 (3)

#1. Apple Pie!! And not just any apple pie. Apple with the scrumptious brown sugar, butter and cinnamon crumb topping! It smells like fresh out of the oven Dutch apple pie. VERY yummy, and VERY dark brown due to the high vanilla content that gives this fragrance such a scentalicious (another Soapy Starfish word, lol) smell! I would definitely buy this one for soaping. I would just have to design the soap around the dark discoloration. The scent is well worth the extra designing time involved.

#2. Clean guy smell. Woodsy, and I smell more pine now than I remember smelling before, but to be partial I have purposely not looked back at my 1st impression notes so they don’t taint my 2nd impressions. I am not 100% sold on this scent now. Maybe if paired with something spicy to give it something extra.

#3. Roses. Lots of Roses. This is a very simple rose scent. I personally do not like the floral scents, but as florals go, this one is simple enough to be nice for those who are just looking for rose alone or to blend with something else. If you like rose scent you would love this one. And I no longer detect the scent of lemon furniture polish, thank goodness.

#4. Vanilla ice cream with fruit. This scent also darkened up a lot the last week. I definitely smell something like vanilla ice cream, however the fruity note is harder for me to pin down. I will have to keep sniffing this one and report back. Ok, after a few more sniffs, don’t laugh, but I am detecting a tart fruity smell like the old Zebra Stripe bubble gum that used to come in every color of the rainbow in one pack and each stick of gum was a different color of the rainbow. It’s that smell. But unfortunately, not enough of it,

#5. Ahh, my luv, I have found you at last! I didn’t think it was possible for you to get any better, but you have surprised me! Your smokey notes have lessened, allowing for the wood scent of the sandalwood to really come through and the patchouli is just a beautiful addition to your perfection. Like glitter on a cupcake soap, it makes you shine!! I cannot wait until you are cured so I can keep you all to myself. Xoxoxo… Seriously though, this scent is AMAZING!!!! It is sensual seduction wrapped up in an exotic scent that is sure to be a hit with both men and women. I think I am going to have to bring this one to work with me so I can smell it all day long. This scent did discolor to a dark tan, but nothing that isn’t workable design wise.

#6. I was actually surprised to see how darkly this scent discolored. I don’t detect anything vanilla based. However, there are some warm musky spices there in the bottom notes and my guess is that is where it is coming from. The first thing I smell is the cedar wood which is quite addicting actually. My husband doesn’t know it yet, but he will indeed be using this soap as soon as it cures! Luv this one! It is a very nice guy scent.

#7. This scent was one of the least discoloring ones. It is a softer fruity note. It isn’t juicy but rather a more mellowed fruit, almost overripe. It is one of my least favorite of the 8 for sure. In fact if given the choice between the #3 rose soap and this one, I would likely pick the rose instead. Its like I can tell it was trying to be something, but it just didn’t get there or else saponification killed it.

#8. Ahhh yes. I have figured out finally what this reminds me of. Even more now than when freshly poured or out of the bottle. It smells just like a peach wine cooler. I smell ripe peaches and something else. But I also smell something bubbly, carbonated, like champagne. It is actually very nice. It is a fruity sparkling scent that would go nicely alone or paired with something else like a single scent. And since it discolored only mildly, the design possibilities are endless.

So just to recap, I am still in love with #5 and #1 is pulling in at 2nd place with #8 rounding out the top 3 favorites (followed close by #6). #7, #3 and #2 are definitely in the least favorite category.

I have been having so much fun doing these tests that I have decided to start testing all of my Bramble Berry scents for cold process. Keep your eye on the blog for future postings. I am expecting a new package this week of scents that I will test next as I continue working on designing Christmas soaps. In the meantime, the next round of tests are melt & pour. Since I make both MP and CP soaps I wanted to be sure to check them both. Some scents that die a harsh death in CP process will hold really well in melt and pour so I am excited to see how they turn out. Well I am off to go work on a new CP soapy project, I can’t decide if I want to attempt, yet again, to master the Column mold, or put my lovely 9 bar Birchwood mold to use again with Christmas colors. Ah, decisions, decisions… In the meantime, I leave you with my latest new soap. My 1st Christmas soap this year! I used one of my favorite molds, the Bramble Berry 10″ silicone mold. they really do have the BEST molds out there! By the way, if you are looking for the perfect Christmas red for your soap, check out this Soapqueen blog. These are the colors I used for the pictures soap below. This was my 1st attempt at the Tiger Swirl (of course I swirled the top, I am a swirly addict, lol) so I cannot wait to cut into this later this week.

CP 92714A

Love & Bubbles,

Tammy Lindsey aka Soapy Starfish

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